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 Real Options

PUC-Rio Real Options in Petroleum Website

This is the world´s first website on Real Options, which began in 1995. It was created and is maintained by Marco Antonio Dias, Petroleum Engineer from Petrobrás and Professor at PUC-Rio. Lots of information, many PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and a series of interesting Real Options links, as well as tons of references.

Annual International Conference in Real Options

Now in its 13th Edition. In this website you can find links to many past and current conference papers.

12th Annual International Conference on Real Options

Held in Rio de Janeiro, in 2008, and organized by PUC-Rio. Papers, Presentations and Photos of the Conference.

13th Annual International Conference on Real Options

Held in Braga, Portugal, and Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in 2009. Conference photos taken by Gordon Sick are posted in: http://gallery.me.com/gordonsick#100187&view=grid&bgcolor=black&sel=9

Student Manual of the Dixit and Pindyck´s "Investment under Uncertainty"

Contains detailed notes of chapters 1 to 8 of this classic Real Options book. You will find many demonstrations that are not developed by the authors, more detailed discussions of key points and real option concepts, as well as additional material such as spreadsheets that replicate some of the examples in the book. (Only available in Portuguese, sorry.)

Trigeorgis Real Options Group site

Prof. Lenos Trigeorgis is one of the main researchers in the field. This website is maintained by the Real Options Group, which sponsors the most important conference on Real Options

Amran & Kulatilaka Real Options site

Authors of the book "Real Options"

Real Options and the Environment

Website of Prof. Jinhua Zhao, UC Berkeley, with many papers, articles and references on the valuation of environmental goods.

Real Options Summer course at the Ingolstadt School of Management, Germany

Course at the Katholische Universitat Eischstatt Ingolstadt, Germany in 2007

Course at the Katholische Universitat Eischstatt Ingolstadt, Germany in 2009


@Risk home site

Palisade website, creators of @Risk, used for Monte Carlo Simulation.

DPL home site

Syncopation Software is the firm that provides this great Decision Tree software, which has many uses in Real Option modeling.

Greek Alphabet Reference

If you are not sure how to pronounce the Greek alphabet, check out this link.  You will find a complete list of the uppercase and lowercase letters, along with their names and pronunciation.



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